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Toyota has invested $500 million into Uber


In order to work together in the development of self-driving cars, Toyota has invested $500 million into Uber. Since the industry is becoming so competitive, this partnership could greatly benefit both companies. Uber’s CEO Dara Khorowshahi, has long expressed that self-driving vehicles should be developed through partnerships.

Uber’s development of this kind of technology has resulted in a fatality in the past, when an Uber SUV killed a pedestrian in Arizona this past March. Since then, the momentum Uber had with this technology has stalled, and their operations in Arizona slowed down.

Both companies are combining their existing self-driving systems to create the perfect combination of smart technology and safety. Uber’s technology will be implemented onto Toyota vehicles. Toyota has been a little hesitant to fully invest in self-driving technology, and has preferred partially self-driving systems instead, this partnership might help them make the plunge to fully automatic systems.

Since the fatal crash, Uber has been considering other partnerships, or even selling the business entirely, so this shift in strategy is a breath of fresh air.

Michael Paulin is the new CEO of OVH.

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