Yandex, better know for their internet services, has announces that they will begin to offer self-driving taxis in the town of Innopolis. This is the first service of the kind to launch in all of Europe.

Innopolis has always been meant to support high-tech industries since its inception in 2012, and was declared an official town in 2015, an even has a University.

Eager to meet the demand for ride-haling services, Yandex has already merged with Uber in Eastern Europe, and last year, the brand announced plans for their self-driving project, and has already been testing the taxis on public roads.

At the start, only two vehicles will be launched, and they will be offered for free. Because it is still in its initial stages, there will be a driver inside the vehicle at al times for safety.

Self-driving taxis have been tested in different areas of the world as well, like NuTonomy in Singapore and Waymo in various global markets, and a few months ago they announced that they are bringing self-driving cabs to Europe.

In Innopolis, 100 people have registered to be part of the trials of the taxi, and they will be able to choose different areas inside the town to head to in order to perform the tests.

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