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Transportation Startup Qiq Global seeks to change traffic in Vietnam


It is a well known fact that the streets of Vietnam can often be seen lined with scooters. In lieu of oversaturated roads, Qiq Global is searching for innovative ways to solve the problem. At the moment, they aim to deliver 5,000 personal mobility devices across Vietnam over the next to years.

The devices will be available for rent, and will be obtained from docking stations. As less people have the need to own their own scooters, traffic might in turn decrease.

This is not the first time the company’s CCO Ben Lim has worked with electric vehicles. In 2011 he established a fleet of electric taxis in Luang Prabang. The venture failed, but it didn’t stop Lim’s passion for the industry.

Bicycle sharing apps in Asia have faced controversy in the past, with bikes being harmed or stolen, and causing unhappiness amongst the public due to their obstruction in sidewalks.

To bypass the issue, Qiq plans to build the docks along train lines at first. The team ensures that the stations are small, and they will not disrupt the flow of cities.

Qiq also has plans of launching a decentralized travel network. The company already has their own cryptocurrency, called QTC.

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