The Facebook Watch service has been available in the US since its launch last August, and has so far been incredible successful in that country alone. Boasting over 50 million monthly views, the YouTube like service has has its watch time up by 14x, according to Facebook.

With this service, Facebook is taking video watching one step forward, by introducing features like Watch Parties, or Premiers, which create an interactive experience for viewers.

In addition, Facebook will start allowing certain publishers to have “Ad breaks” which may come before, durning, or below the videos.

Currently, the service is only offered to the US, Uk, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand, but as of next month, it will expand to countries including Mexico, Sweden, Thailand, Ecuador, and more. They will support both English content and the local country’s language.

In the last few days, Facebook has also launched Creative Studio, which allows Pages to manage their content and further their business. This includes the ability to see comments, insights, ads, monetization and more.

With YouTube’s ever changing algorithm, more and more creators are switching platforms to pursue success, so it is likely Facebook Watch will continue to grow steadily with this new introduction.

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