AirTM is a service that allows you to change one type of currency into a different one. This goes across platforms as well. The company will allow users to change dollars into cryptocurrency, and hundreds of different other exchanges.

Not only this, but you can deposit money into the app in many different ways such as gift cards or cash. Withdrawing money is just as simple.

Although the company’s service might not seem relevant to some people, it really is covering an underserved area of the market. Many times, it is impossible to exchange a git card into money, or maybe hard to find exchanges for a specific currency. AirTM allows users to do this easily.

In the platform, different payment methods have different fees, which means that an exchange that takes inflation into account will be in place. The service is not a bank account, but rather an e-wallet that facilitates exchanges.

At the moment, the company is managing $9 million in monthly transactions and has 4,000 daily users.

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