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Bellwether Coffee raises $10M


After working on a zero-emissions commercial roaster and online coffee bean store, California based Bellwether Coffee has raised a $10M series A.

The round was lead by Congruent Ventures and supported by Fusion X Ventures, New Ground Ventures, Tandem Capital, SolarCity founders and a few others.

Sometimes it is hard to convince Venture Capitalists of the potential of hardware as opposed to software endeavors, but to prove its relevancy, Bellwether has started to ease their coffee roasters to different businesses for $1,000 a month. The fee gives access not only to the machinery, but to an online marketplace as well.

Bellwether is striving to create a more transparent coffee marketplace. Very often it is complicated to see where grains originate from and how they were grown. However, they company seeks to alleviate that need with their online portal, which allows users to trace the grain’s origin, owner, and more.

Coffee tech seems to be a profitable market. Luckin Coffee is a China based coffee delivery company that raised $200 million in July, and sits at a billion dollar valuation.

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